Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cake, Cake and ... More Cake!

I've had a very busy time, eating lots of delicious cake!

On Friday we went to the Petersham Hotel for Afternoon Tea.  I highly recommend it.  The hotel is such a very lovely, gentle place, with one of the most spectacular views of the Thames that you can find in London, and the cows grazing in Petersham Meadow below.

Just lovely

And delicious.

We then had a family birthday at the weekend with Butterfly cake.

I baked a very simple Rose Water flavoured Victoria Sponge, using a four egg version of this recipe, which I sandwiched together with Strawberry Jam.

Simply heat a few tablespoonfuls of jam in a saucepan, and strain through a sieve onto the bottom cake, this give you a smooth jam sandwich.

I then decorated the top layer with fondant glace icing, using the Rose Water, for flavour, again.  I cut out various sized and coloured sugar paste butterflies and added them to the icing.  

The cake was simple but effective.

A host of butterflies

A few candles

Wonderful with Strawberries and Cream!

Then, after all that cake,  I went to the Petersham Nurseries  on Tuesday morning , for coffee (and even more cake) with one of my very dear friends.

The biggest question was... What should we chose?  We went for a (huge) piece of beetroot cake and a Chelsea Bun... both scrumptious.

A delectable selection of cakes

Muffins, biscuits and buns

A tiny huge piece of Beetroot Cake

An equally tiny huge Chelsea Bun!

Now I'm on a diet!!!!

I didn't just eat cake...

I looked around the Nurseries!


  1. I've never been to the Petersham Hotel--sounds lovely. And you can never have too much cake--impossible to resist in the Nurseries! In fact resisting would be plain wrong!

    And so happy the cows are out and about again. Did you hear about the dog? So distressing.

    K x

  2. ooh I do love the Petersham hotel. I stayed there once for a work do. lovely. And afternoon tea is such an indulgence. Nazima x

  3. Thank you both for your kind comments. I love the Petersham Hotel, a country hotel in London. Perfect, and great for family celebrations.

  4. I love afternoon tea, i think i could eat it every day (with champagne too)...and i have always wanted to go to petersham nurseries, and i LOVE skye gyngel's A year in my kitchen...a wonderful weekend indeed (and the butterfly cake...perfect!) :)

  5. I managed to log in now! Very envious of Petersham Nurseries, always wanted to go!


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