Monday, 23 May 2011

Elderflower Cordial, Elderflower Presse

Last week, Vanessa posted a recipe for Elderflower and Rose Syrup which sounded delicious, but I have been unable to find any scented roses, (I will continue to look.)

There is however, an abundance of Elderflowers just now, so I decided that instead of making the syrup, I would  have a go at making an Elderflower Cordial, and I must say I am very pleased with the results.

I'm thrilled with this delicious homemade drink.

On Saturday, when the four your old and  I took the dog out for his walk, we also took a basket and scissors with us.  My little girl  loved the fact that we had to count and make sure that we had 30 Elderflower heads!

Loads and

Loads of beautiful flowers waiting

To be collected

And counted.  Yes we have thirty!

Once we got the Elderflower heads home I separated the flowers from the stalks, and added lemon juice.  Meanwhile I had made a syrup of sugar and water, which I then added to the Elderflowers, along with Citric Acid, and half a Camden tablet.  ( I ordered the citric acid and camden tablet from Amazon, and they had both arrived promptly!)

I then left the infusion to seep for over 24 hours and strained it.  That was the most fiddly part, I first strained it through muslin (lining a sieve) into a clean bowl, and then re-strained it through double muslin, via a funnel into the clean bottles.

It was ready to drink today and I just had to have a taste.  I decided an Elderflower Presse would be perfect, it was.  The Cordial  was sensational with sparkling water, and I will definitely be using it as a non-alcoholic drink at lunches and dinners over the summer.  It is sharp, in the way that homemade lemonade can be, but has a delicious floral taste of  Elderflowers.

Just add water


This is the first time I've made Elderflower Cordial, and I was delighted to discover just how easy it is to prepare.  Please have a go, there are oodles of recipes both in books and on-line, and you don't need masses of kit, just Elderflowers, lemons, sugar, water , the citric acid and camden tablets.  The muslin (mine comes from John Lewis) is useful as well, as it means your cordial will not be tainted by little bits that the  sieve can't quite filter out.

It's a real taste of summer.  Please do let me know if you make some and how it goes.

I am entering this into Fabulicious Food's Simple and In Season, as you can see it is seasonal.  We picked the flowers and made the Cordial.



  1. Oh this sounds wonderful! I've been wanting to make elderflower cordial for ages but been too scared. Must give it a go now. But first must Google 'Camden tablet'!

    K x

  2. Thank You so much for this inspiring entry to Simple and in Season! I actually went foraging with Vanessa a couple of weeks ago for elderflower so I'm so glad your entered this! A round-up will be posted later today. Ren x

  3. A real taste of summer - how lovely.


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