Wednesday, 20 July 2011

prendre le petit dejeuner en Bretagne

This post is a very quick postscript to my Apricot and Lavender Jam post.  Vanessa at Prepped, who (along with the Waitrose Lavender Sugar/Apricot Jam recipe,) had inspired me to use lavender in my jam, has published two very useful posts for anyone considering using garden lavender in their cooking.

Basically, the lavender I used in my jam  is very strong, (thank goodness I didn't use much), so if you plan to use lavender for cooking you need to ensure that you are using "Angustifiolia" rather then a lavender grown purely for scent.  I am off to the Pointe Vert to look for a plant and hope that the Petersham Nurseries will stock some for my garden in Richmond!

Fortunately, I did not use too much lavender, and the jam is delicious, it is perhaps too strongly flavoured to eat with bread and butter but I have found it to be wonderful with either sheep's yoghurt or with fromage blanc!  For the last few mornings I have breakfasted on one, or the other, with a liberal spoonful of Apricot and Lavender Jam, and along with a large cup of black coffee, I have had a super start to the day!

So I would recommend that you try making  the Apricot and Lavender Jam, but please ensure that you are using truly edible lavender, either using the Waitrose recipe, which incorporates their own lavender sugar, or perhaps you could order edible lavender on line.  The taste is superb, and well worth the extra effort!


  1. oh wow!!! not only am I drooling over your jam...but yummy french yoghurt and fromage blanc...siiiigh.... :)

  2. Victoria, I have to say, it is just a fab combination. There is just something so perfect about French diary....YUM!!!!

  3. Sheep's yogurt is delicious - I have never had it with jam though, lavender or otherwise. It sounds like a perfect holiday breakfast food.

  4. Well usually I'd have honey, but the jam is delicious and I'm trying very hard not to eat too many carbs, so having yoghurt and jam seemed a perfect solution!


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