Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Tree Cake

I was amazed at the number of comments I received on my last post featuring the Igloo Cake.

I had a Twitter discussion with Karen at Lavender and Lovage about the christmas tree mould that Nigella featured in her Christmas book.  I had previously struggled a little with  Nigella's Spruced-Up Vanilla Cake recipe, and Karen and I  both thought we would try a Victoria Sponge mixture with Christmas spices.

I made an 8:8:8:4 mixture,  with a teaspoonful of mixed spice, half a teaspoonful each of cinnamon and ground ginger and pinch of ground cloves, but  found that this amount of cake mixture was not sufficient for the tin, so I added an extra 4:4:4:2,( with a little more spice) and that seemed to work.  I ended up with a very lovely cake.  I  had buttered and then floured the inside of the tin (as I had when baking the igloo cake), before I added the mixture, and the cake turned out beautifully, what do you think?

Of course, once it was cooled, I gave it a very good sprinkle of icing sugar!  Which does give a wonderful snowy effect, perfect for the week before Christmas.

It has been lovely to have a such a pretty 'cut and come again' cake sitting in a glass cake stand for the last few days, the spices have added a lovely visual texture, now that the cake has had some slices taken from it.

The cake was delicious eaten on its own, but tasted  even better as a pudding with fruit and cream. I think Vanilla Ice Cream would be great and  my Sister-in-Law suggested Cinnamon Ice Cream, which I think sounds like a perfect match (I'll have to get her recipe!)

A delicious, spicy Christmas Tree Cake

The wonderful mould
(I've just checked quickly online, and it is still  available
from various stockists)

The spicy mixture in the baking tin

Cake cooling

It fitted perfectly under the glass dome of the cake stand

Very Christmassy

I made sure it was thoroughly sprinkled with
icing sugar

It looks lovely even after it has been started

The mixed spices add a lovely depth of colour to the cake

Perfect for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper!

I do have a few more Bundt tins, so may well post some more recipes in the future.  Thanks for all the lovely comments and kind wishes for the weather on Friday.

It was very cold at Sandhurst, but the Passing Out Parade was wonderful and I am now a very proud mother of an Officer in Her Majesty's Armed Forces.

You can find some photographs here

I was just going to publish this when I realised that it would be great to link with Kate (What Kate Baked...) and Karen (Lavender and Lovage)'s great monthly blogging event Teatime Treats, which is being hosted by Kate this month, with the theme Christmas!  I do hope that  this cake fits the bill perfectly!


  1. That is indeed a perfect looking cake for this time of year, especially with the dusting of icing sugar. Lovely ;0)

  2. FABULOUS Jude and I feel a little guilty that you have taken all the hard work out of it for me when I make this this week, as I now know to make it a 12,12,12,6 cake! Yours looks just STUNNING and would make a FABULOUS tea time treat.....I cannot wait to see the Sandhurst photos! XX Much love, Karen

  3. Such a beautiful cake!! I love the dusting of icing sugar - it really changes the cake. Love your glass cake stand complete with dome - wish I had one of those! Look forward to seeing your other bundt cakes.

  4. Thank you all so much, I always feel that bundt cake tins are a bit of a cheat, but they do have a great visual impact.

    Karen I have posted some Sandhurst photos on my other blog, and we are trying to sort out a set to email to friends and family. It will probably be after Christmas now, as we are on school holidays, so tomorrow morning we're ice skating at Hampton Court Palace, and the rest of the week is rapidly filling up!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas cake recipe, with your spice mixture, I'm sure it will be fab!

  5. So lovely! Makes me hungry for a bite right now. :) Kit

  6. This is a beautiful cake, the dusting of icing sugar gives it a snowy, festive touch.

  7. Oh it's just so pretty! I love the way the icing sugar has settled. Very very festive and the recipe with the added spices sounds good too. I love those old bundt tins they are very special.

  8. It really is gorgeous - I was just looking at this recipe in her Christmas book - I think I'm going to have to go for it!
    mary x

  9. That's the best Christmas cake I've seen. I'm not a fan of traditional fruit and marzipan, so this one really appeals to me!

  10. Beautiful cake - I especially like how it looks under the glass dome - almost like a snow globe.

  11. Such an amazing cake. Yet again, the mould is pretty special. I think you probably must have more stashed away somewhere! Pleased all went well last week with your son's graduation, what a proud moment for you x

  12. Wow, Jude...another gorgeous one! And it just sounds so delicious. I agree with Jennifer, it's a living (and edible) sno-globe!! Magical..
    Thank you, dear Jude, for your very lovely sentiments chez moi. I appreciate that so much.
    A beautiful, joyful, merry Christmas to you and yours!!
    - Irina

  13. I remember trying to get that mould when it appeared on Nigella's programme but it sold out very quickly. I had forgotten how beautiful the cake looked. Will get this for next year. Thank you for this post.

  14. It looks magnificent Jude - both inside and out - very impressive indeed. The cake has a lovely colour but does look festive with the icing sugar. Glad things went well for your son's graduation. In case I don't manage to get over here again before Christmas, I hope you have a lovely time.

  15. Wow that cake is stunning - especially with the 'snow'! Very festive indeed!

  16. beautiful and icing sugar dusting makes it look so wintery. Cinnamon ice cream sounds nice too!

  17. I love the fact that the spices star in this cake - what luxury to have something so beautiful sitting on your cake platter.


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