Monday, 27 February 2012

Marmalade(2) - Seville Orange Marmalade using whole oranges

I still have a couple of batches of Marmalade to make and thought this method might help those new to Marmalade making, as it can be done  at a leisurely pace over a day or two.

I have frozen my remaining oranges, but believe that you can still purchase them.  Your local green grocer or market might be the best place to look, and there are some available from online food shops, the season is nearly at the end, so if you want to make marmalade, you need to get going this week.

I used the same quantities of ingredients as in the first batch, you can find the recipe here.

Please note I used preserving sugar, not jam sugar.  I accidentely bought some jam sugar, and used it in one batch.... the marmalade was horrible, gloopy and generally very unpleasant, as it looked really cloudy. (This is one reason to make small batches, I'd rather not throw anything away, but if I have to 1kg of oranges is less dreadful then 2kgs)

Rather then juicing and cutting up the oranges, I put them whole into 2 litres of water.  Once the boil was reached, I simmered them for just over 2 hours.  Then I turned the heat of and allowed them to cool. (At this stage  they could be left overnight.)

I took them out of the water, and then I sliced them as before, retaining the pips and pith.  Having run out of butter muslin I used a new j-cloth and wrapped the pip and pith in it.  I also kept the juice.  I added my cloth and the juice to the water and boiled for 15 minutes, reducing some more. (I was looking for about 1/2 my original liquid.)

In the meantime I chopped up the orange skin.

I then removed the j-cloth, squeezing as much juice as I could from the bundle.

Finally I added the peel and the sugar, reached a boil and tested for a set.  The marmalade is delicious, but as you can see the pieces of peel are slightly too long, so in the  next batch I will cut  them smaller.

Still, it makes  a very tasty breakfast, coffee, homemade bread , butter and a lovely layer of marmalade.

Home made Soda bread, butter and marmalade

I use a large preserving pan

The oranges boiling

They do look beautiful once they have boiled for a while

Half the oranges

Scoop out the insides

Chop up the skin

An 'emergency' butter muslin bag!

Adding the chopped peel

And sugar

Testing for a set

Just making sure!


Breakfast, or an ideal day time snack


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  1. I've never made marmalade - looks really impressive!! Gorgeous color -
    Mary x

  2. Ingenious using the J-Cloth. Haven't heard that Google Friends Connect is disappearing?

  3. I bought some oranges last Friday and haven't gotten around to making marmalade yet - now I don't know which recipe to follow!!

  4. This looks JUST wonderful Jude, I DO love a good marmalade and this would be perfect for us for breakfast with some crusty baguette!

  5. This sounds like such a brilliant way of making marmalade. I like the idea of doing it in two stages very much. It is made even better by your step by step photos, very good indeed!

  6. Can't wait for the citrus season to be back at down-under. You sounded very professional making your marmalade and would love to make my own jam in the future.

    Your blog is fantastic and I'm your latest follower! Hope to hear from you again :D

  7. Hello Jude from Brittany.
    The marmalade looks scrumptious - I LOVE it ...... however can't get Seville oranges here sadly !!

    Another glorious Spring day here.

    Diane. x


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