Friday, 10 February 2012

Nutella Madeleines and Hot Chocolate perfect for your little Valentines

Always one step behind, I noticed lots of posts last Sunday featuring Nutella and discovered it was World Nutella Day.  Now that is a day I could really embrace!  And although I was  a little late to join the general hazelnut and chocolate spread celebration, I could still be inspired.

After lunch I beetled into the kitchen with my Nutella recipe  books! Please note the plural!

Yes, I do  have two Nutella recipe books, how many do you have?

I had bought these in France in the summer, after a quick perusal I opted for the Nutella Madeleines!  Now they were supposed to be mini, but I only have standard Madeleine tins, so bigger they would  have to be!

I followed the recipe, which included "2 grosses cuillerees a soupe de Nutella," which I interpreted as 2 huge dessert spoonfuls of Nutella.  Usually I butter and flour my madeleine tins, but to add to the chocolatey taste, I buttered and cocoaed them!

They were scrumptious, and my little girl had them as a tea time treat, with a lovely mug of hot chocolate, and a rather decadent teaspoonful of nutella to stir into her hot chocolate! Fantastic!

I think these would make a fabulous,  delectable treat for your loved one(s) on St Valentine's Day, so will be entering them into the Fabulously Romantic Teatime Treat event, run by those Lovely Ladies, Karen (at Lavender and Lovage)  and Kate (at What Kate Bakes).  It is being hosted by Kate this month.

Madeleines, Hot Chocolate and  a teaspoonful of Nutella
Chocolate Heaven!

My lovely Nutella recipe books

Mini madeleines!  But today they will just have to be bigger
Note to self, look for mini madeleine tins!

Butter and Cocoa, so much better then flour

Two huge spoonfuls of Nutella

I  always overfill the trays!

Yummy, all that is needed is a quick dust of icing sugar

Of course, this is a very healthy eating option!

I use Cocoa for my hot chocolate
(and sugar, cream and marshmallows, as well as milk!)

Make a paste of cocoa powder and sugar

Stir with milk until nearly boiling
(if you're making hot chocolate for children, as I was)

We did change mugs half way through tea!



  1. What a TRULY scrumptious recipe for Valentine's Day and Tea Time Treats! Thanks so much for getting into the mood this month Jude! XX

  2. Trust me to be odd, but I don't like Nutella at all.

  3. You had me at the first word!! haha..
    How did I miss world Nutella day?? I need to seek out those recipe books..
    This looks so scrumptious, dear Jude!
    - Irina

  4. I just love the idea of Madeleines with Nutella and the fact you have TWO Nutella recipe books!
    I do love it and sometimes make sandwiches with it but find it'd often best eaten fro the jar!
    Thanks for this :-)

  5. I didn't even know Nutella did cook books - genius! They look delicious.

  6. Oh wow. We love madeleines and made with nutella - well, how could anyone resist. I'm off to the kitchen to see if I have all the necessary ingredients. Who knew Nutella did books!

  7. They look delicious, and as for the hot chocolate ... mmmmmmm!

  8. What a delightful Valentine's (or any day) treat. I LOVE nutella but don't have any nutella books - I'm impressed that you have 2!

  9. Two recipe books?! Brilliant! What a great recipe and thank you ever so much for entering it into Tea Time Treats!!

  10. Wow great valentine treat! As an Italian I grew up with nutella so this recipe inspires me. Yummy!!

  11. You can't get much more delicious than this for valentines! what a great idea using nutella in your madeleines - lovely
    mary x

  12. Stopping by from Lucy in the sky! What a yummy day to stop by and say hi! My mom loves Nutella, I will have to save this for her. Thank you!

  13. What delightful Madeleines and next time I have hot chocolate I'm going to stir in a spoonful of nutella - what decadent idea.


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