Thursday, 2 February 2012

St Valentine's Day Gingerbread House

I rather over shopped in Ikea before Christmas, when I bought my gingerbread house kits, and I have  found that  I have three kits left.  What should I  do with them?

If I was still teaching I could have used them for some imaginative storytelling involving Three Little Pigs and a Big Bad Wolf!

But I am, at present, a mother and housewife, and so I decided that we (My little girl and I)  would use the kits to mark some special occasions.

We therefore transformed the first kit into a St Valentine's Day Gingerbread House, and we had such  great fun decorating it!

I put the kit together, and once the molten sugar had cooled called my little girl into the kitchen.  We opened various packets of heart shaped sweets and, once we had made a pink royal icing, we started to decorate the house.

We are both delighted with it, and of course my little girl has been able to munch the sweets that were wrapped!

It's amazing the range of heart sweets around,
 at this time of year! 

I decided to  put the house on a pink dish!

Lots of "LOVE"erly sweets
(to be read with an Eliza Dolittle accent)

Pink icing!

The completed house

It does look really pretty

We used love hearts for the roof tiles
and heart jellies along the top

The heart coins disappeared as soon as I had finished
taking the photographs

Happy St Valentine's Day !

Do look out for the next two exciting gingerbread houses!

Like Jennifer, at L'Heure du The I am also planning an Easter gingerbread  house.  And  between now and Easter, I hope to make a St Patrick's Day house!   (It is however proving a little  tricky to find sufficient shamrock cake decorations, sweets etc, so if you know of anywhere I can get some  I would be grateful if you could let me know!)

Next week we will be making some St Valentine's Day cakes for school, so do look out for those, and I hope to have lots of new recipes and ideas to share with you during my second year of blogging.

Thank you again for all your kind and inspiring good wishes.


  1. Happy One year!!!! I have enjoyed every minute of visiting you and your lovely site.....You do a fantastic job....and I always leave hungry!!! So Thank you for sharing with all of us!!! Heres hoping your next year is even better!

  2. LOL! So many gingerbread houses and not enough time! That is JUST adorable Jude, and I LOVE the love hearts roof!

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes Jude.

    I love this house - you have such an imagination - the best I could think of was a house for Easter. When the gingerbread houses come back to Ikea later in the year I must buy more than the three I bought last time - perhaps we should run a competition at Christmas! (I don't mean between ourselves).

  4. Jude, this is just gorgeous, and must have been an exciting project to do with your little girl!


  5. Thank you Miss Holly, It's mutual, I love your blog, the photographs and those sweet cats, wonderful.
    Karen, I knew you would love it, the roof was such fun to make, we had a great time.
    Thanks Miss Cake Baker, it is rather cute, (Having a 5 year old girl is giving me a great excuse to do things that I would never have tried before!)
    Jennifer, thanks :-), I'm looking forward seeing your Easter house, and yes a Christmas Gingerbread house event sounds such good fun, I'm sure we could do it!
    Charlotte, thank you we really enjoyed making it, and she has loved eating bits and pieces already (I'm not sure that it will last the course!)

  6. So cute! Love the little love heart tiled roof!

  7. Wow this is amazing, what a fantastic idea! I have never thought about Gingerbread houses outside of Christmas before but it lends itself to Valentine's day with all those red, pink and heart themed decorations! What a fun thing to do with kids too, your little girl must have been loving it! I know I would have been..and I'm 25!! haha

  8. Oh well done both of you, it looks very sweet (pun intended). Bet you had fun doing it.

  9. What a brilliant idea!! I love your Valentine's gingerbread house, so cute and pretty. I have a gingerbread kit leftover so I will have to follow in your footsteps for valentine or easter! thanks :)

  10. What a great idea, I love your decorations ;)

  11. Genius! I love this- its so romantic and pretty and pink and perfect for Valentines!


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