Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bringing Home the Lunch

Both my sons love seafood.  With childhood holidays spent in Brittany how could it be otherwise? But now they are grown up they just don't have the same opportunities to visit France  regularly.

I decided to bring a taste of Brittany home with me, and so the day before we left I bought a couple of crabs.

I boiled and prepared them (You can see how I prepare crabs, here) and once they were cool I wrapped them and put them in the fridge.

We brought them home packed in a cool bag with several ice packs around them.  I am glad to say they travelled well, and were still cold when I unpacked them.  We ate them with a soda bread that I had baked in Brittany and a delicious wholemeal loaf that my younger son had baked. (His brother is serving in Afghanistan and I don't think home cooked crab would really travel well there!)

I think I may make this a regular 'coming home from France' treat.

Wonderful crab and home baked bread

The French fish counter

You may recognise this shop
It was the one featured in Monty Hall's
The Fishermen's Apprentice

Mussels, oysters and other wonderful delights

These oysters are farmed just along the coast from us
at Carentec

How much of this food is just left sitting on the rocks
here in the UK?

The water the crabs are in has distorted this photograph

The cooked crab

Once sorted I packed the crab in foil and a large
zip lock bag

It travelled well, and only required unwrapping before

This tasted better and fresher then  any crab I have
eaten in a London Restaurant!

And the bread was scrumptious too!


  1. I would love someone to prepare fresh crab like this for me! Looks wonderful, counting down the weeks until I go to L'Ile de Re!

  2. Sarah, my son was delighted with the crab. Ile de Re sounds wonderful role on the summer, we go to Brittany on the 14th July 'till the 4th September, can't wait.

  3. How lucky are your sons? the crab looks lovely! you are lucky to get such wonderful fresh seafood x

  4. This looks heavenly! I must try soda bread with crab next time I get my hands on some : )

  5. Crab is one of my all time favourite foods and having it with home made soda bread is just too good. All you ned is a lovely glass of French white wine to go with it!
    You really are lucky to be able to spend all your spare time in France :-) xx


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