Saturday, 5 May 2012

Salmon Fish Cakes, a simple supper

Sometimes, after a busy week at work trying to cook from scratch can just be a step too far.  So I thought I would share with you a recipe I have been tweaking for years, it was a regular weeknight supper when I worked full time  and my sons were both at school.  Sometimes when they both appear home for supper I will still make it, there is something so comforting about  food from your childhood!

The ingredients are really simple and use bits and pieces that you probably have in the house already.

1 Chilli
1 Lime
2 tins of Alaskan Wild Salmon (Make sure it is MSC)

You can serve these with any green vegetables, and we have often used frozen peas.  Don't forget a good dollop of Ketchup.

Easy Peasy Salmon Fishcakes

Peel, boil and mash (with milk and butter) your potatoes

While the potatoes are boiling:

Open the tins of salmon, drain and rinse.  Remove the bones, and any skin you can find.  Flake the fish.

Cut up  the onion and the chilli (remove the pips) and mix into the flaked salmon.  Add a squeeze of lime juice.

When your potatoes are mashed add to the flaked salmon, and mix thoroughly.

Form little patties with the potato/salmon mixture.

Fry gently to brown the outside and then continue to cook in a warm oven for about 20-30 minutes.

They are ready to eat.

You could of course, use a different tinned fish and add other spices or herbs.

These are really tasty, and economical, I simply add a few more potatoes when I'm cooking them for five, rather then four people.

A tasty Friday evening supper

I usually use King Edwards or Maris Piper, they mash so well

Adding milk and butter to the  potato

Mashed Potato

My tinned Alaskan salmon with lime and chillis

Drain, rinse and remove bones and skin

Prepare the chilli

Add the lime juice

The onion

And potato

Make the patties

Brown in a frying pan
and cook in the oven

They were delicious with these vegetables


  1. I too have such good memories of salmon fishcakes as they were a the biggest seller when I worked at a tennis club cooking for ladies who lunch!
    I do need to buy some tinned salmon because I will soon be in the same situation as you, I'm sure,as a working mum ! So tins may well be the solution. I had some lovely tinned mackerel in olive oil for lunch last week and really enjoyed it too xx

  2. I really can't wait to try these. I make a very different kind of fresh salmon cake, more like a crab cake, I guess, and I've been wanting to try the more classic British version. These are total comfort food, especially with the frozen peas!

  3. No canned salmon available over here. At least not easily. So I will try them with thuna, should be different but still tasty. I don't eat a lot of fish any more (along with no meat at all) but a little msc thuna is ok now and then...

  4. I LOVE fresh fish as you know, but the best fish cakes for me, and I seem to be in good company, are tinned salmon fish cakes, I LOVE them! Yours look just FAB Jude and I may add these the menu this week!

  5. Dear Jude, I love salmon cakes and make them often, but I have yet to try them with mashed potato mixed in! I usually add a bit of flour, and make the potatoes on the side. This version sounds so delicious, I'll give it a go next time...
    Thank you!
    - Irina


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