Friday, 14 March 2014

St Patrick's Day - Coffee and Walnut Cake, with a little Tipple

I have made various garish delights for St Patrick's Day before, such as my gingerbread houses and rainbow cake (I've put two photographs at the bottom of this post, just to remind you.)

This year I am going for a more elegant, toned-down take.  I decided to bake a simple coffee and walnut cake (I am determined after my failure to win at the Petersham Show last year to find and bake a good recipe) .  To turn it "Irish" I added a tot of Irish Cream Liqueur to the icing.  To be honest the icing didn't quite work, (this is where tasting as you cook is so important).  I then decided to simply follow the recipe and serve the cake with a small glass of chilled Irish Cream Liqueur.  This would make a  perfect end to an evening meal.

Happy St Patrick's Day.

The recipe I used for the cake was from Waitrose, it is one of this month's recipe cards, a suggested bake for Mothering Sunday, you can find it online here.

If you want more ideas for St Patrick's Day can I recommend my Pinterest Board, St Patrick's Day, you can find it by clicking this link, here.

The cake was delicious, and suited the liqueur

Coffee and Walnuts

An after dinner treat

St Patrick's Day Gingerbread House

St Patrick's Day Rainbow Cake


  1. This looks lovely - just like the picture. You might have to research that icing a little further I think!

  2. Coffee & walnut cake is just about my favourite. Adding some Irish liqueur is such a good idea, but having some to drink to is even better. I'm sure next time round the icing will work. Bet it still tasted great though!


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